online marekting optimization cycle

Integrated Online Marketing Strategy Framework for SEO and higher conversion rate

An overwhelming amount of information is out there about how to get started with online marketing or social media marketing and the platforms and tools to use. Technology advancements are impacting to change the online marketing environment frequently. The landscape of online marketing and customer interaction is changing at such a fast and furious speed […]

On Site SEO

15 Ways to Increase Search Visibility Without Building SEO Links

Here are the 15 SEO tips that will help to increase search visibility without building back links. 1. Make sure search engine can crawl and index pages You can add “Sitemap: yourdomain/sitemap.xml” in Robots.txt file or you can submit XML sitemap to search engines. It is also important to check Robots.txt file to make sure essentials […]


Measurement by Objectives – a new way to understand the website performance

How do you measure the success of your website? How do you relate and map business goals with KPIs for understanding the website performance holistically? Here is my approach for understanding the website performance holistically. I call it “Measurement by Objectives (MBO)”. Let me give the definition of MBO first, and then I will explain […]

Content Audit

Content Audit – quantitative and qualitative assessment of website content

A content audit is sometimes known as a content inventory or a quantitative analysis of content or a content assessment. But I prefer to take a more comprehensive approach for content audit which includes – 1) Quantitative content assessment – which is basically preparing a list of content assets of the website and 2) Qualitative […]

Audience Analysis

Audience Analysis – What, Why and How

Audience analysis is an essential component for building relevant and effective content. Audience analysis is figuring out, who will come to your content; what are their questions; why do they come; what are their demographic information; etc .The more that you understand about your audiences the better your chances of developing an accurate profile of […]

web design strategies

Web design strategies for 5 types of websites

Before building web design strategies for your website, you need to understand the purpose(s) of your website. It is important that you identify the purposes of your website first. Your website purposes will help you to identify your website types and web design strategies. The easiest way to determine the purposes of your website is […]

Audience Analysis

Why do you need a Web Audit project?

Web Audit is the process to evaluate the performance of your website by comparing against industry best practices and technical requirements. Web audit project includes usability audit, accessibility audit, content audit, and technical SEO audit. I consider web audit as an essential step to benchmark your website against some standards and best practices. Web audit […]

Usability Audit

40 Checkpoints for Your Website Usability Audit

A website usability audit is the process of assessing web interfaces against some best practices on usability. The website usability audit focuses on website’s information architecture, design layout and consistency, links and labels, functionality etc. Here are the 40 checkpoints of your website usability audit. You can also rate the questions using a scale 1-5, […]

FB EdgeRank

6 Ways To Improve Facebook EdgeRank

What is Edge Any action that happens on Facebook is an Edge. Edge would be posts, comments, likes and shares. So, every time you do something on Facebook, you create an edge. What is EdgeRank EdgeRank is the algorithm developed by Facebook to determine what posts and where to display on each user’s newsfeed. EdgeRank […]


6 Steps Process To Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the most important components of online marketing of all kinds. Search engine ranking for right keywords can make or break a website. If a website is not using the words that people are actively searching and actually interested in, then the website is missing a lot of free traffic. Keyword research […]