online marekting optimization cycle

Integrated Online Marketing Strategy Framework for SEO and higher conversion rate

An overwhelming amount of information is out there about how to get started with online marketing or social media marketing and the platforms and tools to use. Technology advancements are impacting to change the online marketing environment frequently. The landscape of online marketing and customer interaction is changing at such a fast and furious speed […]

Content Audit

Content Audit – quantitative and qualitative assessment of website content

A content audit is sometimes known as a content inventory or a quantitative analysis of content or a content assessment. But I prefer to take a more comprehensive approach for content audit which includes – 1) Quantitative content assessment – which is basically preparing a list of content assets of the website and 2) Qualitative […]

Audience Analysis

Audience Analysis – What, Why and How

Audience analysis is an essential component for building relevant and effective content. Audience analysis is figuring out, who will come to your content; what are their questions; why do they come; what are their demographic information; etc .The more that you understand about your audiences the better your chances of developing an accurate profile of […]